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OMNE delivers solutions from green fields SAP implementations, through new market roll-outs, to system reconfiguration, and technical upgrades. We offer staff augmentation for special skill sets that are difficult to recruit.

With special attention to SAP Hana, big data, data management, mobility, Salesforce and others, we enable our clients to master real time business decisions based upon quality business information.

Do you want your IT Systems to deliver real time accurate information?

Is it difficult for your users to work with your IT Systems?

Having difficulties moving data across multiple systems and is the data not trustworthy?

These are just some of the critical IT issues challenging modern companies today.

If you find yourself asking one or more of these questions, we can help you.

Equipped with more than 18 years of ERP SAP and Data Management experience building business fit solutions for our clients, we deliver IT solutions that are easy to use and directly improve bottom line value.

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OMNE is a ISO 9001 and AVETTA certified company